Karibu Indigo Beach Zanzibar !

A genuine experience on the South East coast of Zanzibar. As you step into Indigo Beach Zanzibar, you will immediately feel that your holidays have started. If we have an advice for you, it would be to live barefoot, this is how you will spend your holidays. Forget everything, free your mind and spirit ! The resort shows simplicity through the turquoise of the lagoon and the immaculate white sandy beach, planted with coconut palms close to the small fishing village of Bwejuu.

With its whitewashed walls, marine blue roofs and cozy bungalows, Indigo Beach Zanzibar, merge with the landscape. The garden is planted with coconut palms, exotic trees and flowers. From the deck of the pool you’ll find a direct view on the lagoon, that spreads its color less than 30 meters away.

A stay in our little piece of heaven will bring you heat, comfort in the heart of Zanzibar’s culture and its inhabitants.
Throughout your stay among us, you will have the opportunity to discover the cultures and the traditions through our local employees stemming from nearby villages. Their smiles and their sense of service are part of their culture and they will not hesitate to transmit you this communicative joie de vivre.

Masaï are hunters native from the tribes from South Of the Kilimanjaro. They are present to assure the security of the hotel 24 hours a day. Do not trust their physical appearance and their kindness, their techniques of ancestral hunting will make your stay as secure as pleasant.

Excursions will make your stay even more immersive in contact with local populations as well as visiting schools.You will have the chance to give your own pencils, papers, notebooks and see the joy of the children in live.

Not to mention our local produce shop.We have created along the years partnerships with local associations and businesses to directly promote their products to you.The profits are fully returned to the producers.

Ecology: a global challenge for the future that begins at Indigo Beach Zanzibar.
We use only products made on the island by local and sustainable artisans to avoid waste. In order to save energy, the rooms do not have air conditioning but they are designed so that the sea air can circulates in all rooms. Sheets and towels are not changed every day, they are also dried outdoors.

The disconnection is the master  word here, no screens, no tablets, and WIFI only in the common areas in order to live the most complete and  immersive experience with feet in the water: hard life it is to be a disconnected traveler in Zanzibar…